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  练习题目:Travel Log

  1. What word describes the man's feelings at the beginning of the conversation about traveling overseas?

  A. relaxed

  B. apprehensive

  C. anxious

  2. What one thing surprised him in the marketplace?

  A. The quality of merchandise seemed to vary widely from place to place.

  B. Shop owners would raise the price of goods if they saw you were a foreigner.

  C. You could bargain over the price with shopkeepers to get the best deal.

  3. What did the man NOT mention about the way people looked at him during his visit?

  A. People stared at him out of a distrust of foreigners.

  B. People were just inquisitive at his presence there.

  C. Such situations gave him opportunities to interact with others.

  4. What does the man say about the traffic conditions?

  A. The people seem to pass through traffic as if unaffected by everything around them.

  B. Buses and taxis are the main modes of transportation in many parts of the country.

  C. The flow of traffic, at times, remains constant due to an intricate road system.

  5. What is one conclusion the man states at the end of the travel log?

  A. Discovery of different cultures through direct experience is key to cultural adaptation.

  B. Miscommunication is a natural event in the process of bridging cultural boundaries.

  C. All countries share some similar characteristics that bind them together.

  答案:1. relaxed

  2. You could bargain over the price with shopkeepers to get the best deal.

  3. People stared at him out of a distrust of foreigners.

  4. The people seem to pass through traffic as if unaffected by everything around them.

  5. All countries share some similar characteristics that bind them together.


  July 11

  I left on my trip today. Having been overseas before, I felt somewhat at ease with the idea of traveling abroad, particularly since I lived in Asia for a number of years. However, others on the trip with me felt some apprehension about getting sick (something quite natural) and had received suggested immunizations before leaving.

  July 12

  In the first city I visited, I traveled downtown by bus to have dinner and then went out to visit some of the local sites. I was surprised at the number of people selling their goods in different marketplaces, and I quickly figured out the custom of haggling over the price before you buy something. And even if you feel you're getting a good deal, you might try walking away from the merchant, and there IS the chance that the shop owner will call you back and even lower the price more in an attempt to get you to purchase something.

  July 14

  No matter where I found myself today, I noticed a number of people who just stared at me as I walked by, like I was an alien from another planet. Although it felt somewhat disquieting at first (particularly in the swimming pool locker room), I realized that my presence was perhaps an oddity with so few foreigners in that area. In fact, the people were just curious, and I was even able to strike up a few conversations with some of the locals, giving them opportunities to practice their English. In the end, I came to the conclusion that such situations gave me a chance to be an informal ambassador for my country.

  July 16

  Everyday brings new discoveries, and I'm learning how to navigate the road system. I found that crossing the road isn't as easy at it seems. Bicycles, buses, people, and taxis fill the streets, dodging each other with constant narrow misses, yet in many instances, the flow remains constant. And, in spite of the seemingly chaotic conditions, people go about their business as if, well . . ., everything were so routine and blase. I, on the other hand, tried to dart in and out of traffic to cross streets, weaving back and forth, to get to the other side. It was a little scary at first, but I quickly got the knack of it.

  July 23

  I am preparing to return back home tomorrow, and one thing I have discovered . . . something more important that all of my other experiences . . . has been that there are often more similarities than differences between cultures. Regardless of language and culture, all people have a desire for friendship that bridges any cultural boundaries. The people I have met have been wonderful hosts and friends, and I will treasure every moment of the trip.



  at ease 安逸,自由自在;舒适 (adjective): a condition of comfort

  - He feels at ease when speaking in Spanish.

  apprehension n. 理解;恐惧;逮捕;忧惧 (noun): fearful or unpleasant expectation

  - Experiencing some apprehension about meeting new people overseas is normal.

  immunizations n. 免疫接种;防疫注射 (noun): protection, often in the form of vaccination or shots, against certain diseases

  - Immunizations against certain diseases are strongly recommended when traveling to certain areas of the world.

  haggle vi. 争论;乱劈 (verb): intense bargaining over the price of goods

  - We were finally able to haggle down the price of the rug.

  stare vt. 凝视,盯着看 (verb): fix your eyes on something

  - Even if you see something unusual, it is considered impolite to stare .

  disquieting adj. 令人不安的;令人忧虑的 (adjective): a feeling of discomfort

  - I had a disquieting feeling about walking down this street at night.

  oddity n. 奇异;古怪;怪癖 (noun): something strange or unusual

  - Eating snails and octopus is an oddity to some people in certain parts of the world.

  dodge vt. 躲避,避开 (verb): make sudden moves in new directions to avoid something

  - I had to dodge out of the away to avoid being hit by an oncoming car.

  knack n. 诀窍;本领;熟练技术;巧妙手法(noun): a special way of doing something

  - If you practice enough, you soon get the knack of speaking in a foreign language.

  chaotic adj. 混沌的;混乱的,无秩序的 (adjective): complete disorder and confusion

  - The traffic is very chaotic during rush hour, so I always take the train.

  blase adj. 玩厌了的,厌烦于享乐的(adjective): unconcerned and uninterested

  - He felt the visit to the museum was so blase, having been to many others over the past few days.

  dart vt. 投掷,投射;使迅速突然移动(verb): move very quickly

  - Taxis often dart in and out of traffic to take passengers to their destinations.




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