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  Your twenties are a transformative decade where what we read can have a profound impact on the way we way think into our second decade. Here are 10 books to read in your 20s:



  I first read this book in my sophomore year of high school and really enjoyed it, but after re-reading and dissecting it in a class I took a little while back, I realized that I enjoyed it not only because of its accurate language and colloquialisms, but also because of Hosseini’s use of symbolism and recurring themes throughout the novel.



  I first read Firefly Lane years ago and it has made a lasting impression on me. It is a story filled with friendship, love, loss and life lessons. I learned so much about friendship, life and the importance of the choices we make while trying to find ourselves. The lessons these women learned as they grew up made me reflect on my own life as I’ve entered my twenties.



  Through compelling anecdotes that uncover the struggles that women and girls face in the developing world, including sex trafficking in Cambodia and poor maternal health in Ethiopia, the authors uncover one of the most pressing human rights issues of our time: the pervasive oppression of women and girls. The authors put the reader into their shoes, helping us to understand the social and economic constraints that often limit their ability to change their own lives for the better. However, they also include inspirational stories of women who beat the odds and went on to found organizations that work to improve the lives of other women.



  Although the author of this book has her own legend floating around her, The Bell Jar is a great coming into your 20s story about a young woman who finds that, even if you have opportunities handed to you, it’s hard to stay motivated if your heart’s not in it. Esther goes through all the motions of depression and total listlessness, while battling the life choices set before her. Especially if you suffer from depression or anxiety, I highly recommend this book if you are at a crossroadsin your life.



  Twenty-somethings are faced with tons of major decisions that must be made. At the very least, this book makes one think about what it means to really have the opportunity to make a choice. And unlike Stanley Kubrick’s film based on A Clockwork Orange, the ending of the book is rather inspiring.

  二十几岁的年轻人需要作出许多的决定。至少,这本书引起我们的思考:有机会自行做决定意味着什么。不同于由发条橙改编的电影—Stanley Kubrick的基调,本书的结尾振奋人心。


  Once I picked this book up, I could not put it down. It was given to me by an intern at work when she heard me say I wasn’t sure if I believed in love anymore. Upon reading it, I thought it would teach me about relationships and loving others, but it ultimately reminded me of the most important lesson about love; what love is, how to love and that all of the love that I ever hope to possibly receive in this world comes from myself first.



  This book is a story about Dolores Price who had endured many faces of abuse in her life. Starting with her father, then mother, her rapist and eventually, her husband. She goes through an abundance of trials and tribulations throughout the novel that many woman can relate to. There is an extremely sad edge to the story as Dolores plunders through life facing rejection, scorn and mistrust. While most young girls face the tough decisions of what outfit to wear to school or which boy to choose to take to the dance, Dolores faces intense problems such as: her weight, rape, an abusive father, unstable mother, sexual confusion, abortion and the constant hurting of not fitting in or belonging to anyone.

  这本书是关于Dolores Price如何忍受生活中的种种虐待的故事。起初是父亲,接着是母亲、强奸犯、最终是她的丈夫。在整部小说中,她经历了无数考验和磨难,很多女士都深有体会。Dolores所遭受的种种拒绝、不信任和蔑视将她推向极端痛苦的边缘。大多数女孩面临最困难的抉择不过是一些类似于穿什么衣服去学校,又或者是该选择哪个男孩作为舞伴等等琐事,而Dolores面临的都是十分激烈的问题,例如:体重、遭受的强奸 、虐待他的父亲,精神失常的母亲、性混乱、堕胎以及不合群和毫无归属感所带来的伤害。

  I believe any girl in their twenties should read this book because, undoubtedly, there is an issue that you can relate to represented in this novel. I was going through some rough patches in my early twenties, and while reading about Dolores’ story, I felt she was truly a character I could relate to and that she wasn’t just fictional.



  This children’s book is simple but its message transcends age. It might seem like an odd book to recommend to someone in their twenties but perhaps that’s what makes it a good choice. It sings praises to exploration, shows the errors of narrow-mindedness, highlights the importance of making genuine connections and explores the sometimes unbearable nature of lonesomeness. Short, bittersweet and charmingly illustrated by the author, The Little Prince, leaves readers wondering and seeking out what is and what could be which is exactly what we should be doing at this time in our lives.



  The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a beautifully written novel that every single person should read, whether you’re a high school student, in your twenties or approaching your mid-life crisis. The messages behind it are endearing and crafted together in a way that make you feel as if you’re experiencing life from so many different angles. Charlie shares his life experiences with us, something you’ll take with you each time you turn a year older. I’ve been in love with this book since I was in high school–and I’m even more in love with it in my twenties.



  As twenty-somethings, we are all feeling obligated to either find our passions or the courage and means to pursue them. Reading this autobiographical work opened my eyes to something we young, ambitious spirits tend to overlook: the journey. Recognizing the beauty in the life-defining struggles and triumphs we are experiencing right now is a difficult thing to do, but as Murakami shows us in his reflections, it is these moments that shape us.










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